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That was pretty good. It made me laugh! Was it actually animated on paper?

You guys work for KLIK? I had a good time there last year.

The animation looks great but I felt the content was a bit formulaic. A popular anime mixed with another popular anime plus random funny faces.

I'd like to see some original content from you guys!

Pegbarians responds:

We don't really work for KLIK!, but we do have their support. All three of us were at last year's KLIK! as well, it's a fun festival indeed! Don't worry, it won't be parodies forever, we also have original content planned.

I love Newgrounds for putting stuff like this on the front page. With all these video game parodies this stuff is very refreshing.

Your animation is very fluid and your art and colouring looks awesome. I also really liked the soundtrack to this.

Oh, and have a happy birthday, Yuri!

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I liked it!

What I liked:
Smooth controls (I really don't know why this guy below me is talking about "clunky, unresponsive controls")
Really nice pixel art
Diversity in weapons and spells
The diversity in enemies

What I disliked:
While there were quite some different enemies, a lot of their attacks were the same. Most of them are just jumping towards you.
I liked the music but it didn't really fit the medieval/knight theme and it also got repetitive quickly.
When the screen fades in or out, it goes way too slow. This is annoying, especially when I'm game over and want to try again.

I couldn't get past the cemetery boss. This is probably because I suck and I'll definitely try again but I accidentally erased my save game by starting a new one.
Anyway, I think this is a very nice little game and I had lots of fun playing it. It is also nice to see two plassed creations on the front page at the same time!

Nice! :)

The sound seemed a bit out of sync and it sucks there's no music. (music was really important in the original DOOM) But I know Flash can't play MIDI's and mp3's would make the swf huge.

Now go make multiplayer deathmatch! Haha.

I bet John Romero loves this!

Not bad!

Haha, great you used my music.

For the game, first of, get some original character! Stickmen are old and boring. And naming your game "The Stickman's Adventure" doesn't sound interesting.

Anyway, the gameplay was OK, though there's still alot to improve. I fell of the little platforms alot when jumping on them.

I think there also should be more enemies. The enemies looked quite nice though!

I've played trough the whole game and thought it was a little short too.

Anyway, this is a good start. Hope my review was useful to you!

ShinsukeIto responds:

Thanks, it was usefull!

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I listen to a lot of ambient while working on animations at night. Downloaded the whole EP, I'm going to add this to my ambient playlist. Good job.

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You know I was just going through your work showing some of it to my girlfriend and this was a nice surprise because Tin Hat Trio is one of our favourite bands. Great stuff!

Butzbo responds:

Hey, that's pretty cool to know, I'd say it's still one of my favourite bands to have around while animating! :D

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