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That was pretty good. It made me laugh! Was it actually animated on paper?

You guys work for KLIK? I had a good time there last year.

The animation looks great but I felt the content was a bit formulaic. A popular anime mixed with another popular anime plus random funny faces.

I'd like to see some original content from you guys!

Pegbarians responds:

We don't really work for KLIK!, but we do have their support. All three of us were at last year's KLIK! as well, it's a fun festival indeed! Don't worry, it won't be parodies forever, we also have original content planned.

I love Newgrounds for putting stuff like this on the front page. With all these video game parodies this stuff is very refreshing.

Your animation is very fluid and your art and colouring looks awesome. I also really liked the soundtrack to this.

Oh, and have a happy birthday, Yuri!

Yeah okay.

And people tell me that my Turd Eating Cat animation is gross and disgusting.

golfinho responds:


You have potential!

Both your art and animation has potential!

It has good facial expressions and camera angles. I liked the stapler and the bullet. (although a sawed off shotgun shoots lead shot rather than bullets!)

As many beginning flash animators tend to do, a lot the animation is going way to slow. Just shorten the motion tweens a bit and you should be fine. I also think you shouldn't use "Times New Roman", as it really doesn't suit movies. The text is also selectable which, of course, doesn't make any sense. You shouldn't just cut off the music all the time but let the tracks flow more into each other.

Considering that you're thirteen years old and this is your first flash movie on Newgrounds, I think you could be doing great stuff in the near future! Just don't stop here and continue practising. Good luck.


You can't piss on hospitality. I WON'T ALLOW IT.

That's a nice little animation you have there.

The animation was pretty good. I liked the facial expression of the characters and all the cartoonish stuff.

Even though the voice acting was kinda good I thought the two voices sounded too much alike. I thought the lipsync was really good, though. Maybe you also should've put a bit more music in there.

The storyline and characters didn't seem too original to me but I had fun watching this toon. It even made me laugh a little at some points.

Overall good animation, but there didn't seem to happen anything interesting.


I didn't expected that to be honest. At first I thought it was going to be some serious Flash about your youth or something. Although when he started singing I thought "Okay, this sounds kinda crappy. What the fuck." And then I had a bit of a laugh. Good job on making me laugh!

Also, when I visited your account to check out your other stuff, I was happily surprised to see a familiar face smiling at me.

Emrox responds:

It's a small world, I suppose.


I don't know why but I kinda liked how this animation fits with this weird catchy song. Good job on that.

But I don't think putting those sprites together was a lot of work like everyone said. I also dislike it when pixel art is rotated in Flash, it really ruins the 8-bit style for me.

Dirty Obsession. Dirty indeed!

I like how the missing girl was found after all.

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