update on my new animation and wow

2017-05-01 15:37:31 by aap

Wow very cool the wall art has a pastry pedestrian in it!

I've been working on a new animation for a while. I've finished more than half the rough animation but it's still a long way from being finished.

Here's what the rough animation looks like:


When it's finished it will look more like this:




There's not much more I can show at this point without spoiling too much, but I will post some updates when I've cleaned and coloured the animation!


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2017-05-01 16:18:18

That's gonna look really slick when it's all colored in that style. Glad you like the site skin! We need to produce keys for these things so people can see who all the characters are.

aap responds:

Thanks! Yeah, I think that would be a nice feature! (because I'll admit I'm not familiar with all of them)


2017-05-02 00:19:22

Pastry Pedestrian was certainly the first thing I noticed about the new wall art.

As for the animation, I'm quite certain it will be well worth the wait. Loving what I see so far, and I'm eager to find out whether or not this will go into a uniquely bizarre direction as your last movie did.

Thanks, aap.


2017-05-02 12:02:53

Really excited about this!


2017-05-02 15:20:05

So cute! <3