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Posted by aap - January 2nd, 2016

I recently made two animations. Check them out if you haven't seen them yet!

Tekkol: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/668137

You Want The Duck: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/668309

The first one, Tekkol, was made in less than 7 hours. I got the basic idea of a "dog bridge" and just made up the rest as I animated along. It was a pretty good challenge and it felt good to do just the opposite from the approach they teach you at art school. I would recommend this exercise to any animator and even if you're not happy with the end result you've probably still learned a lot!

I wasn't sure whether I should upload it like this because it does looks a bit rushed (almost like an animatic) and it left me wondering what it would look like if I spend another day polishing the animation. But I'm very happy with the great response I got on here!

The second animation, You Want The Duck?, was a exercise in character animation and special effects. I also tried some new custom brushes that I made, which is really easy to do in TVPaint. I find drawing with pixels is much easier than drawing with vectors. Now that video is more widely supported than .swf there's no excuse anymore to keep using Flash, and I think more people should give other animation software a try.

At the moment I'm an intern at an animation studio. We make a web series for children on YouTube. I also made my own animation, using their character Morphle. While it is aimed at small children I tried to make it enjoyable for adults too, so have a look if you like!


I hope to do much more short animations like Tekkol this year and share them here with you on Newgrounds. Thanks bye.

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That C, should have been for centipede instead of cat, if you ask me (not that you do, but imma say it anyways). And while we're at it: the entire western culture should change every word, that has a 'C sounding like a K', turning that C into a K.
It's really retarded that we call a letter C but pronounce it like a K, 90% of the time (might as well pronounce it as 'Kee' instead of 'See'). That shit had me freaking frustrated as a kid. And it still doesn't make sence to me today.

Well in Dutch cat is actually written as kat! Also a lot of loanwords in Dutch (from Latin I think) used to have a K instead of a C, but they recently restored most loanwords to their original spelling.

Also I was actually more concerned about the pronunciation of owl.