new animation?

2015-08-12 08:13:54 by aap

Hello there, I was making a new animation and it is almost finished and I was thinking I should upload it to Newgrounds sometime. You can see a screenshot of it down here.



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2015-08-12 12:00:46

That's some cool traditional-looking linework!, looking forward to it ;)

aap responds:

Thank you Butzbo!


2015-08-12 17:14:54

made in Flash, with an AE filter?

looks neat, very water-colory c:

aap responds:

I animated it in TVPaint with custom brushes and textures I made. Thanks!


2015-08-12 20:31:25

Uh-oh, that looks like a straw-drawing (cue the old Metallica tune)... or chopsticks, or a divining rod. I can use a divining rod to find pipes with water in them... dunno about spots for digging wells though.

aap responds:

They are none of these things! You'll see when it's done, it is a huge surprise.


2015-08-13 13:59:54

I expected to less from you, good sir! Was really good seeing you again at the Pico party, handsome devil you are ;)

aap responds:

I think you've mistaking me for someone else. :) I got the invitation the the party but a flight from Amsterdam to Newgrounds HQ is a bit too much for a poor student like me. But I agree, I am very, very handsome indeed.


2015-08-13 14:00:19

*no less