Stuff I made last year and stuff I'll make this year

2015-01-06 10:20:16 by aap

2014 has been a pretty good year for me. I made these two animations, and you should watch them if you haven't yet!

The Old Harmonium

The Sheep Shop

So far The Sheep Shop has been screened at 5 festivals world wide!

Watch my show reel below for more stuff I made this year.

I'm now in my second year of art school and working on a new animated short. It hasn't got a name yet but here's a little test I made.


1442537_142055704993_vuilniszakken.gifHere's another one I uploaded to NG. It seems like I've been unscounted in the Art Portal. If anyone is reading this and likes to scout me again, please do so. Thanks!

Edit: Thanks to Cyberdevil I've been scouted again! Hooray!

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2015-01-06 13:24:57

Woah, had completely missed the sheep short back then, pretty fun watch; also, the little test is looking GREAT; does it involve traditional work o is it mostly digital?

aap responds:

Thanks! The background is done on paper with watercolour. I photographed it on a homemade light table to get the nice textures and stuff. But all the character animation will be digital.


2015-01-06 13:27:59

Looks awesome man. Any chance that you'll do anything like Turd Eating Cat ever again?

aap responds:

I've been working on something like Turd Eating Cat but I'm mostly busy with school stuff.
You can watch a little preview here:

I have no idea when I will be able to finish it though.


2015-01-12 09:31:08

excellent work , I really like your animations . the style of your drawings are great. I hope to see more of your work this year :D


2015-04-25 09:09:23