New Animation

2014-06-16 18:08:33 by aap

I almost finished a new animation! It's an animation I made for school called THE SHEEP SHOP! Here's a picture:


I finished all the animation. I just need to do the sounds and music! Will upload it to Newgrounds soon.

I also just uploaded a short stop motion film. You can watch it here! I put it on YouTube before but the quality of the video got totally fucked up. But here on Newgrounds it looks great! I love Newgrounds.


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2014-06-16 18:50:36

Love that stop motion stuff. Are you doing any more in the future?

aap responds:

Hey Emrox, thanks! Yeah, I think so! It was a lot of fun to do but also very frustrating and painstaking. It was as school assignment and I think we will have to do more next year!


2014-06-17 01:15:20

we, at newgrounds, love u too~
its a nice thing to see that yer new animation is almost ready!!
looking forward to it~~
(hurry up!! >.<)

aap responds:

Thanks! :)


2014-06-17 10:52:59

Yay, glad to hear the NG version looks better than the YouTube version! Woohoo! Looks like we are also conquering YouTube on views... Hopefully ad revenue too, for the trifecta!

aap responds:

I always get more views on NG than on YouTube! :) Also, it looks like YouTube wins when it comes to revenue ($ 0.33 vs $ 0.19) but it seems like NG isn't showing revenue for the pre-roll ads. But another thing that NG wins is reviews!


2014-06-17 20:16:40

Nice job!


2014-06-18 11:06:05

Actually the pre-roll video ads are on a few days delay, so you might see us beat YouTube once they populate!


2014-07-03 10:04:41

do more music!!! im a fan

aap responds:

I'd like to do more music for a cartoon of yours some time!