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Cats eating 8-bit turds

Posted by aap - March 1st, 2010

Hello, here's a little test animation from my upcoming movie I like to share with you all.


The animation is going to feature original sprites drawn pixel-by-pixel and frame-by-frame by me in MS Paint.

It is going to be done in in a month. Hate me if it isn't.

Cats eating 8-bit turds

Comments (9)

Holy shit that's some great pixel work.

Thank you!

Looks like awesome, however on the side of constructive criticism ... the graphics and the overall feel of it look like something you might find in a game. More specifically the fact that a lot of ground is being shown and the background isn't highly detailed or dynamic. So in my opinion it reminds me of side-scrollers. Of course I must realize that this is simply a test animation and things might change over the course of time.

Either way, I would appreciate it if you would alert me to when you have completed it.

Well, I'm aiming for a side-scroller game style. However, I'm planning to make use of more movie like shots instead of only using a side-scroller perspective. The background isn't really detailed as this is just a test. The hills in the background are divided in layers, so they can move a bit three-dimensional.

My question would be: is it a bad thing that it reminds you of side-scrollers? Or do you just like to see more then this game perspective?

Thanks for your time to review this little piece, the criticism is much appreciated. I'd send you a PM if it's done if I think of you.

It isn't a bad thing that it reminds me of such a game style if that is what you were aiming for. If that is the case then you have captured the look you were going for.

I was REALLY looking forward to cats eating 8-bit turds, so you set my expectations way too high. Still looks awesome though!

Well, the title of the movie is probably going to be 'Turd Eating Cat'.

Well I was going to say the exact same thing as Tom but he beat me to it. So just read his review twice and imagine me saying it the second time, in however you imagine my voice.

And it'll feature cats eating 8-bit turds.

Just promise me that at some point in the movie we do get to see cats eating 8-bit turds, or else I might have to make that myself.

Now I just might left them out because I'd like to see you animate cats eating 8-bit turds.

Please don't hold back on the taxi's. The more exploding taxi's, the better!

"It is going to be done in in a month. Hate me if it isn't."

I hate you, Jorn.

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