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Gher 2!

Posted by aap - December 6th, 2008

Gher 2 is finished and available in the portal right now! Watch it here!

I started on it ages ago but I thought the song sucked and I wanted to create a better one in wich I didn't succeed.

So I just kinda made a instrumental of a song I made earlier. I liked the melody and I thought it was as good as the original Gher tune. I did uploaded that song on Newgrounds, it's called 'Met Wie Spreek ik Oma' and it has a granny talking Dutch I recorded over the phone. We just called random people, recorded their voices and made soundboards out of that to call others with. And I made a song out of that. Anyway, since the song is in Dutch and no one's going to get it I thought I could use the tune for Gher 2.

The main sample is me saying something like "bleh" being played really high and fast, it was the first sample I made and it's still the most awesomest I think.

Gher's going to Azerbaijan, bitches! He actually did really go to Azerbaijan, from march till juli. Or something.

And here's some site where you can rate your professor. See what students thought of the REAL Gher!

I hope you enjoy it! But I think you would because of my unique magical gay hand... According to Derreck...

Anyway, I'd like to thank my friends, Geit and the Amoeba. Geit for programming the awesome Gher pudding and the Amoeba for helping me out
with the bass line. (I lost the original source file) And I also would like to thank everyone who said they liked the original Gher! Hope you enjoy this one as much!

Also, please do not commit suicide because of my movies... I don't appreciate it, I really don't.

Gher 2!

Comments (9)

looks nice
also first


... :D

That was great but the tune wasn't as infectious as the first one.
It was still good- voted 5.

All your stuff makes me laugth and I was glad to see GHER survive a terrorist attack-in fact he seemed quite happy about it.

P.S: How do you do that "pudding" thing at the start?!?!?

Thanks for the comment. :) I'm glad you enjoy my stuff!

The pudding is made by my friend Geit. It works with serveral points that attract each other, and there are lines drawn between those points. Something like that. :P

It's nice but I still like the first one. The first one was unique,maybe it didn't need a sequel (and maybe that's why it got such a low score).

Yeah, well I made a post about that earlier, to wich everyone (including you!) replied there should be a Gher 2! Well I'm kind of satisfied with the result. Was kinda disappointed about the score though, but whatever! I'll get on the the next animation. Thanks for the comment!

Thats really interesting that you choose Azerbaijan, I come from there :) I dont know if that was ment to be insulting, but it had a nice beat!

Insulting?! Ofcourse not! I made it for everyone to have a laugh not to insult anyone. :D

I didn't choose Azerbaijan, haha. Gher was really going there.

Thanks for the comment! :D

Heheh well done on the flash again ;)


D-do... Doing what, sir?

Yeah,I know I said there should be a sequel,but I guess it's one of those things that work good if one hit wonders :)

For example when egoraptor did remakes of his older animation, people still liked the first ones better no matter that they were drawn worse than the new ones.

But I still like it,I'm just sayin' that I like the first better. But keep it coming :)


Yeah, I understand. :)

Well, I didn't expect it to be better then the original. I just wanted to make a good sequel to it. And I've succeeded in that, I guess. :)

hey, hoe laat jij die dansjes zo op elkaar lijken van al die personen?

als je dat 36 keer opnieuw moet animaten

"We just called random people, recorded their voices and made soundboards out of that to call others with."

Genius. Totally going to do this.