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Comments (18)

Same thing happened to my friend D:

Those bastards! :(

<a href="http://www.weebls-stuff.com/peepls/246/blerf">http://www.weebls-stuff.com/peepls/24 6/blerf</a>

You uploaded this one right &gt;

Yes, I did upload that myself.

I mainly use Newgrounds, Peepls Stuff, YouTube and my own website to publish my animations.

He was a lewd old man.

Sadly, yes. :(

not really...

You sir act like a monkey.



*throws a bit of turds at you*

yeah there's people with hundreds of videos to their name on youtube. but all they are are movies from this website they take and upload to youtube. a couple of my movies have been uploaded at poor, stretched quality there and it's kinda gay. you get more views here though so i'm sorry the stealing had to take place here.

Yeah, that's a bit gay indeed. How are we supposed to stop people from uploading it to YouTube. :O

Well if they credit you as the author it doesn't really matter... But it's still annoying.

Happens to all my award winning entries, they just randomly pop up on sites like that under my name for some strange reason. Also a bunch of German sites...

Yeah, those sites probably have a script and they steal it automaticly from each other.

Someone decided to steal Gher from Newgrounds and stick it on Flash Portal. Then this CliPal site steals it automaticly. And some other site stole it from CliPal. It even had the CliPal watermark... That goes on and on.

This happened to me too &gt;_&gt;
I wrote one of my game's title &quot;One Level Game&quot; in google and found alot of sites, that have this game in them. In Rustyarcade someone made an account &quot;KirillPoletaev&quot; and it has 2 of my games in it, well, yeah, that's just good cause it gets more views :)

Yeah, games from Newgrounds randomly appear on all these Flash game websites.

Oh boo hoo, welcome to the internet.

Aww, I made you cry too. Thanks for the warm welcome!

Why don't you find this guy, and beat the shit outta him?

I'd rather beat turds out of him though.

i get annoyed just thinking about this! &gt;=(
it ain't right to steal something that someone else made ='(
something should be done about this!

Yeah, but we probably can't do shit about it. :(

It's the internets!

Yes, happens.
When it hits the fan is when people steal it completely, that happened to me and I PMed Wade about it and he deleted it.

So he stole something from you and uploaded it to Newgrounds? Haha, that's pretty stupid.

There was this guy that stole 8bit music.

He claimed to be Covox aswell as Bit Shifter, wich are two diffrent artists. So I send an e-mail to Bit Shifter and he contacted the Newgrounds guys. He got his account deleted.

Okay, Please tell me who Gher is. Is he a zookeeper? Is he a terrorist? Or is he just a guy?

Just a guy. I googled 'gher' and found some page about him going to Croatia. There was also a button that said: "Leo A. Gher download COLOR photo here" So I couldn't resist, it being in color and all.

Actionscript it to open up gay pornography on other unallowed sites.

I bet the users of such websites would only like that, heh.


Always use NG API in your movies to avoid things like this.

Yeah, that might be a good idea.

wie is die man hierboven?, of heb ik wat gemist?

It's Dr. Cosmo.

Dr. Cosmo DeSteno.

En om shadow sport ff aan te vullen:
Wat heeft die kerel eigenlijk gedaan dan? behalve erg lelijk zijn dan.